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Go Casino are in such a good mood lately, they have decided to give twice the normal sign up bonus to new players.

Go Casino are famous for their $20,000 multi-deposit bonus, which gives players a 100% initial sign up bonus as well as deposit bonuses on their first 20 deposits.

As if that deal wasn’t sweet enough, Go Casino are now offering a second 100% sign on bonus for new players.

For a limited time, players can receive a second 100% deposit bonus when they create a new Go Casino account.

The first of the bonuses will be credited automatically when you sign up, and by using the bonus code GO535, players will receive another 100% deposit bonus.

The minimum amount a player can deposit to receive the bonus is $25, while the max is $1000.

Players are urged to contact customer service or use the live chat portal within the casino to claim the second of their 100% bonuses.

And the value doesn’t stop there. New players at Go Casino will also receive four free entries into $10,000 slot tournaments.

The second deposit bonus can only be claimed by new players to the casino, while the standard Go Casino bonus rules apply.

All bonuses must be turned over a total of ten times, before a player can withdraw them. Any monies won with the free slot tournament entries must also be turned over a total of ten times before they can be withdrawn.

Join Go Casino now and not only will you receive a 200% deposit bonus and four free slot tournament entries, but you will also have access to the widest range of casino games and tournaments.

Go Casino have positioned themselves as a market leader in online casino game tournaments, and that tradition continues this month with 13 blackjack tournaments taking place throughout the month of May.

Entry into all the Go Casino blackjack tournaments this month is just $0.99. For this players will receive 50 tournament credits.

The blackjack tournaments are played on a ‘pot percentage’ basis with the total prize pool to be split between the top 41 players.

Re-buys for all the blackjack tournaments during the month of May will be $2.49, with players receiving another 50 credits when they re-buy.

Remember to plan your re-buys as this will ultimately dictate the strategy that you use.

If you make provisions to re-buy at least a couple of times it may an idea to play hard early and hope that you can establish yourself on the leaderboard.

However if you are not going to re-buy it will pay to play conservative at first in an attempt to slowly build a bank.

The biggest mistake tournament players make is that they end up re-buying too many times in attempt to ‘beat the game’

If you apply disciplined tactics to your re-buying strategy you will be much more successful in tournament play.

A new blackjack tournament will begin every 2-3 days in May with each lasting 24 hours.

The blackjack tournaments at Go Casino will alternate between Perfect Pairs Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Players are reminded that Go Casino is the home of online casino tournaments.

If blackjack isn’t your thing then try the exciting online slots and video poker tournaments now.

Join Go Casino today and you will be eligible for a $20,000 multi-deposit bonus.

Kick off May in style with a $15,000 online slot tournament at Go Casino

The guaranteed prize pool tournament will run until the 9th March so get in now to share in the massive prize pool.

The $15,000 tournament will be played on the 5 Reel Wheel of Chance slot, an exciting 20 reel slot, loosely based on the popular Wheel of Fortune television game show.

The minimum coin value of this slot is $0.01 while the max is $10. This means that players can bet anything from $0.01 to $200, making it the ideal game for tournament play.

There are two bonus features on the 5 Reel Wheel of Chance game. The first is the bonus wheel. This wheel will appear only on reels 2 and 4. If you are lucky enough to spin the bonus wheel up on both these reels you will be taken to the bonus round. In the bonus round a player spins the bonus wheel and collects whatever cash prize the wheel lands on. After you land on a prize, all identical prize values are removed from the wheel and replaced with ‘bust’ wedges. The player can spin the wheel as many times as they like, but at the end of every spin more ‘bust’ wedges are added to the wheel, decreasing your chances of winning.

The other bonus feature on this game is the scattered free games. If you can spin up three or more of the scatter symbols you will receive 10 free games. If you are lucky enough to spin up 5 scatter symbols then you will receive 500 times your original bet. And free games can be re-triggered from with the free games.

The diamond symbol is wild in this game and subs for everything except the bonus wheel and scatter symbols. Other symbols that will have you spinning up big wins include cash stacks, luxury cars, yachts and holiday luggage.

The entry fee to the Go Casino $15,000 guaranteed tournament is $6.99 and for this players will receive $300 in tournament cash. Players can also re-buy back into the tournament when they run out of funds for another $6.99, and for this players will receive another $300 in tournament cash. Players may re-buy as many times as they like. The winner of the tournament will take home at least $4000.

Visit Go Casino now for all the best online slot tournaments

Slot Bankroll Management

Posted on 1 May 2011 | Casino Games

One of the most important aspects of any form of gambling is managing your bankroll, and it is no different with online slots.

Successful bankroll management can lead to a very profitable time on online slots and we’ve put together a few tips on how to maximize your profits while playing online slots.

Don’t Waste Your Deposit Bonus.

It can be tempting to bet hard when you first join an online casino because you’re normally getting double your money before you start playing because of the bonuses many online casinos offer. But you should play the bonus as if it were your own real cash. Most bonuses require a play through rate (some as high as 60 times), so busting them early is not the best strategy. Play steady and you will reach the wagering requirement before you know it and then it’s all yours.

Join Go Casino and you could receive a multi-deposit bonus of $20,000 over your first 20 deposits.

Set Yourself Limits.

It is important to set yourself a limit for both winnings and losses when playing online slots. The most effective strategy for online slots is to keep your bets at 2-3% of what you plan on gambling in that session. This will maximize the amount of spins you will get to take, but also offer the best profits. For example if you set yourself a limit of $100 for a session the ideal bet size would be between $2 and $3.

Play Tournaments.

Slot tournaments can be a very effective way to maximize your time at online slots. Not only do you get a greater number of credits, but you have the chance to share in some great prize pools. This month alone there is over $470,000 in tournament prizes to be given away at Go Casino. Your strategy for slot tournaments will be first be governed by how many times you would like to re-buy if you are eliminated. If you want to re-buy a couple of times then it is recommended that you bet max when playing online slot tournaments. This will increase your chance of spinning up a good win and climbing the leaderboard quickly. If you are going to limit the number of times you rebuy then play steady in tournaments and gradually climb the leaderboard throughout the tournaments.

Join Go Casino now for the best in online casino bonuses and the biggest slot tourneys around.

It’s an exciting time for fans of online slot tournaments, with Go Casino currently featuring three tournaments across a range of buy-ins.

La Fiesta

The smallest tournament currently available is the $0.25 tournament on the La Fiesta game. Players will receive a starting balance of $150.00 and can re-buy for $1.50. The total prize pool for this tournament is $750, so don’t go overboard on the re-buys. The piñata symbol is the substitute on this Mexican themed slot, and spinning up five of them will pay a 10,000 coin jackpot. Multiple Piñata’s on any pay line will trigger the feature which can reward players with 250 times their original bet. The La Fiesta slot features 25 pay lines and a maximum coin value of $10. Making this the perfect tournament for players who like to take it slow, bet max every time, and everyone in between.

Join Go Casino now for all the best online slot tournament action.

Black Magic

There is also $2,500 up for grabs in the Black Magic slot tournament. The Black Magic tournament is a $3.99 buy-in tournament where players receive $250 in tournament credit for their initial buy-in fee. The Black Magic slot is a nightmarish slot with symbols such as witches, grave stones, spiders and skulls. However these symbols are nothing to be afraid of, as they will conjure up some big wins. The witch is the scatter symbol in this game and you can find her 5 times you will win a 6000 coin jackpot. Don’t stress if you are eliminated early from this tournament, as players can re-buy for another $3.99, and for this players will receive another $250 in tournament credit.

Visit Go Casino now and join in all the slot tournament action.

California Gold

The biggest slot tourney currently being played at Go Casino is the $6.99 California Gold tournament. This tournament features an $8,888 prize pool. Players can re-buy back into this tournament for another $6.99 if they are eliminated and they will receive the same starting stack of $250 in tournament cash. The California Gold slot is an all-time favourite of many online slot players because of its gold rush theme and multiple ways of pulling off big wins. The Gold scatter symbol can reward players with up to 100 free games, while the Miner substitute symbol will double any prize it helps spin up. California Gold is 25 pay line slot with a max coin value of $10.00

Join Go Casino and not only will you have access to the best online slot tournaments, but you can also claim a multi-deposit bonus of up to $20,000.

Fans of freeroll slot tournaments should visit Online Vegas today for the start of the $25,000 Easter Freeroll.

The tournament will start today (17th April) and run until the 24th, with a guaranteed prize pool of $25,000. There are already over 15,000 players registered so get in now for your chance to share in the winnings.

The tournament will be played on the Funky Chicken slot, an exciting online slot with 25 paylines and a 5000 coin jackpot.

Although this is a freeroll tournament players will be able to re-buy for $4.99 if they are eliminated meaning the total prize pool is likely grow beyond the guaranteed $25,000.

The real money spinner in this tournament will be the Funky Chicken scatter. Players will be awarded 15 free games if they can trigger the Funky Chicken scatter, with winnings multiplied up to ten times! And free spins can be re-triggered, giving you the chance to shoot up the tournament leaderboard.

Join Online Vegas now to join the freeroll tournament madness.

The scarecrow is nothing to be scared of in this game, as he is the substitute symbol and can win players up to 5000 coins.

Players will start the tournament with $50 credit and if you are eliminated and decide to re-buy you will receive $35 in tournament credit.

Players will be hooked by the animal theme of Funky Chicken with symbols such as shotgun totting farmer, the tractor, the farm house and golden eggs all landing players’ sizeable wins.

The tournament is open until the 24th of April, but players are advised to get in early. The size of this tournament means there are going to be some massive figures at the top of the leaderboard, and you need to give yourself the most time possible to climb the leaderboard.

Visit Online Vegas now and you could receive a $5000 multi-deposit bonus.

Deal or No Deal at GoCasino

Posted on 11 Apr 2011 | Casino Games

Players at Go Casino have the opportunity to win great cash prizes with the Reel Deal Weekend Madness Slot Tournament.

The Reel Deal slot is based on the popular game show ‘Deal or No Deal’, and this weekend players get the chance to deal their way into the $30,000 prize pool.

The winning player in this tournament will pocket a cool $10,000, while the remaining prize pool will be divided amongst the next 1000 players, giving you an even greater chance of finishing in the money.

Buy-in into this tournament is just $10.00, and for this players will receive $200 in tournament cash. Players can re-buy when their tournament stack falls below $35 for another $10.00. Players can re-buy as many times as they like.

The Reel Deal is a 20 line slot with a maximum bet value of 20 coins. That means players can bet anything per spin from $0.01 to $200.00.

The jackpot in the Reel Deal slot will be triggered by the wild gold bullion symbol. The maximum jackpot for this is $10,000 coins. And with a maximum coin value of $10.00, players have the chance to spin $100,000, which would cement you at the top of the leaderboard for some time.

The free games are triggered by the scattered ‘Deal’ symbol. Spinning up this symbol will activate the free spin feature.

The bonus game replicates the hit TV game show ‘Deal or No Deal’, with players eliminating brief cases and receiving offers from the ‘bank’. The free game feature will continue until the player has made a deal with the bank, or eliminated all other cases and settled on the case they were given.

This tournament closes soon so register now at Go Casino.

Go Casino is the only online casino where you will receive a multi-deposit bonus of up to $20,000.

All Slots have announced it will hold qualifiers to the biggest tournament in online slots history, the Grand Slam of Slots 2.

The Grand Slam of Slots 2 will take place from May 27 to June 6, and All Slots are currently holding a series of freeroll and cash qualifier to the tournament that boasts a prize pool in excess of $2 million.

The majority of this prize pool is made up by a massive haul of gold bullion (worth $2.43 million). The gold will be awarded to the first player who achieves all possible pay table combinations within the tournament.

So act fast now for your chance to win over $2 million worth of gold.

Entry to the Grand Slam of Slots 2 is $200. There are a range of cash qualifiers and the number of people qualifying this way will be dependent on how many players are playing in a given qualifier. There are also a number of freeroll qualifiers at All Slots. The prize pool in the freeroll qualifiers is listed as $400, meaning two players will qualify for the Grand Slam of Slots 2 from each freeroll qualifier. All freeroll qualifying tournaments will last 24 hours.

There are a number of $5 qualifiers currently available at All Slots. In these tournaments the starting stack is 10,000 coins and players will have six minutes in which to compile the highest score. If players use all their coins in the six minutes a re-buy feature is available. Each re-buy will cost another $5, however re-buy stacks will only be 9000 coins and the allotted time will be decreased to five minutes for re-buying players.  The paid qualifiers for the Grand Slam of Slots 2 will take place on the Spring Break and Tomb Raider slots.

Join All Slots today for your chance to play in the richest online slots tournament in history.

All Slots have begun free qualifiers for the biggest slot tournament in history.

The Grand Slam of Slots 2 will take place from May 27th-June 6th, with an amazing array of prizes on offer to all participants.

This mega tournament will feature one of the best prize pools in online slot tournament history with the total prize pool starting at $290,000. However this is expected to grow with add-ons and re-buys options available.

However the truly unique part of this tournament is the massive haul of gold bullion up for grabs. Players have the chance to win $2.43 million in pure gold, and the best part is you don’t even have to win the tournament to get your hands on the gold.

The gold bullion will be awarded to the first player who achieves all possible pay table combinations within the tournament. However this will be made all the more difficult by the fact the tournament will the tournament will take place on the all new Thunderstruck II slot.

Thunderstruck II is the first sot tournament game to offer 243 ways to win instead of the traditional pay lines.

The Grand Slam of Slots 2 will only be open to a maximum of 5000 players, and with all that gold up for grabs it may pay to secure your seat early.

All Slots are running free and buy-in satellite qualifiers until May 23. Join now to share in the amazing cash and prizes.

Players in the Grand Slam of Slots 2 will receive 58,500 coins. Which equates to 195 spins on max a max bet of 300 per spin. And remember it is beneficial to play the maximum available credit in slot tournaments, as any unused coins will not be available to players at the end of the tournament.

Players can re-buy as many times as they want and there will be a maximum of five add-ons available throughout the tournament. Add-ons will cost $20 and players will receive 27,000 coins.

First prize in the tournament is guaranteed to be at least $100,000, while the top 290 players will finish in the money.

Join All Slots now and qualify for the Grand Slam of Slots 2 tournament and you could win $2.43 million in pure gold!

The online casino community has banded together in the wake of the tragic tsunami in Japan in an effort to raise much needed funds.

Go Casino will be running the ‘Tsunami Relief Charity Slot Tournament’ from the 23rd of May with the proceeds from the tournament being donated to Direct Relief International, an international charity that provides medical assistance to people affected by poverty, civil unrest and natural disasters.

Play in the tsunami relief tournament now at Go Casino.

Entry to the tournament will be just $1.00 with re-buys of $1.00 also allowed. 40% of the entire pool will be donated to Direct Relief International, with the remainder to be returned to the top 41 players in the form of prize money.

The featured game in this tournament will be the highly entertaining Doctor Love. Doctor Love is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot with a 4000 coin jackpot! It also has a free spin feature which can win you up to 20 free spins!

The hospital themed Doctor Love is a rapid fire slot, meaning a player can spin up a jackpot at any time. This game features nurses, doctors, dazed patients, ambulances, teddies and more. And because this is a video slot, the moving graphics and music add to the fun of winning.

Players in the Go Casino tsunami relief tournament will receive 125 starting credits and will have the option to rebuy when their credit slips below 35 credits.

The tournament is pot-percentage meaning that players are getting a great return on their money as well as helping a very worthy cause.

The tournament will run from March 23rd – March 25th. Players can join in the fun at any stage throughout that period.

So if you’re a fan a slot tournaments and would like to help a very worthy cause, then  play the tsunami relief slot tournament at Go Casino today and not only will you have a great chance to help those in need but you also have the chance to share in the great tournament prizes.

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