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The progressive jackpots at Go Casino keep growing with over $1 million in progressives now available to all players.

The three reel progressives at Go Casino have been dormant for a little while and there is a good chance of a mega payout in the near future.

The ‘Treasure Trail’ slot has the biggest progressive bonus with the prize pool currently at over $499,000. Players who can spin up the three crosses on this three real slot will take home a jackpot of almost half a million dollars.

Meanwhile ‘Red, White and Win’ has a similar progressive jackpot with over $498,000 in the current pool. Players who are able to spin up the patriotic three flags will take home this jackpot, provided they are playing at least three coins. This machine also has a max spin limit of $7.50, meaning players can pick up good wins without hitting the progressive jackpot.

Do you enjoy progressive slots? Join Go Casino now where there are over $1million in progressive slot jackpots to be won today!

The progressive jackpot on the ‘Mega Money Mine’ slot has ticked over the $250,000 mark and looks ready to explode. The minimum bet for this machine is $1.50, which means it may be a little high for players who like to bet the minimum on progressive jackpot slots.

Meanwhile the progressive jackpot on the ‘Pay Dirt’ has reached an impressive $120,000. While the ‘Win, Place or Show’ has reached a jackpot in excess of $30,000. The ‘Win, Place or Show’ slot has a minimum bet of $0.50 and a maximum bet of just $1.50, making it the perfect game for those who want to turn a little into a lot.

Remember, when playing progressive jackpot slots you should play all three coins if you can. This will mean you have the chance to win 100% of the progressive jackpot.

Join Go Casino today and play for over $1 million in progressive slot jackpots. And don’t forget the Go Casino multi deposit bonus which could see you pocket $20,000 absolutely free.

New Robin Hood Slot

Posted on 26 Mar 2011 | Casino Games

If you’re the sort of person who would like to take from the rich and give to the poor, then we have found the perfect slot for you.

Join Robin Hood and his merry men in the exciting new ‘Prince of Sherwood Forrest’ slot at Bodog Casino,

Join Robin today in his adventures through the Sherwood Forrest and perhaps get your hands on some of that legendary gold.

Storm the castle, protect the maiden and battle the evil sheriff’s men to survive and thrive as one of Robins merry men.

Play the Prince of Sherwood Forrest slot now at Bodog Casino.

Players can play up to 20 lines on the new slot with bets per line ranging from $0.01 to $2.50. That makes the Robin Hood themed slot perfect for slot players of all levels.

The Prince of Sherwood Forrest slot also features an exciting two part free game feature.

Firstly, three or more scattered Archery boards will trigger the feature. The player will then be given the chance to select one of two archers. Both archers will fire an arrow at prizes of 2, 5, 25, 50 or 100 times the triggering bet. If the archer you select hits a higher target you will progress to round two.

In round two of the feature, players will fire an arrow for their chance to win 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 free games. Following this they will fire another arrow at a x2, x3, x4, x5 or x6 multiplier. After that you just sit back and watch the coins roll in.

As could be expected, Robin Hood is the substitute in this game and will appear on reels 1 and 5 and will double your prize whenever he appears.

This slot also features a random progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of any spin, regardless of what denomination is being played.

Join Robin Hood and his merry men today at Bodog Casino

All Slots have begun free qualifiers for the biggest slot tournament in history.

The Grand Slam of Slots 2 will take place from May 27th-June 6th, with an amazing array of prizes on offer to all participants.

This mega tournament will feature one of the best prize pools in online slot tournament history with the total prize pool starting at $290,000. However this is expected to grow with add-ons and re-buys options available.

However the truly unique part of this tournament is the massive haul of gold bullion up for grabs. Players have the chance to win $2.43 million in pure gold, and the best part is you don’t even have to win the tournament to get your hands on the gold.

The gold bullion will be awarded to the first player who achieves all possible pay table combinations within the tournament. However this will be made all the more difficult by the fact the tournament will the tournament will take place on the all new Thunderstruck II slot.

Thunderstruck II is the first sot tournament game to offer 243 ways to win instead of the traditional pay lines.

The Grand Slam of Slots 2 will only be open to a maximum of 5000 players, and with all that gold up for grabs it may pay to secure your seat early.

All Slots are running free and buy-in satellite qualifiers until May 23. Join now to share in the amazing cash and prizes.

Players in the Grand Slam of Slots 2 will receive 58,500 coins. Which equates to 195 spins on max a max bet of 300 per spin. And remember it is beneficial to play the maximum available credit in slot tournaments, as any unused coins will not be available to players at the end of the tournament.

Players can re-buy as many times as they want and there will be a maximum of five add-ons available throughout the tournament. Add-ons will cost $20 and players will receive 27,000 coins.

First prize in the tournament is guaranteed to be at least $100,000, while the top 290 players will finish in the money.

Join All Slots now and qualify for the Grand Slam of Slots 2 tournament and you could win $2.43 million in pure gold!

The online casino community has banded together in the wake of the tragic tsunami in Japan in an effort to raise much needed funds.

Go Casino will be running the ‘Tsunami Relief Charity Slot Tournament’ from the 23rd of May with the proceeds from the tournament being donated to Direct Relief International, an international charity that provides medical assistance to people affected by poverty, civil unrest and natural disasters.

Play in the tsunami relief tournament now at Go Casino.

Entry to the tournament will be just $1.00 with re-buys of $1.00 also allowed. 40% of the entire pool will be donated to Direct Relief International, with the remainder to be returned to the top 41 players in the form of prize money.

The featured game in this tournament will be the highly entertaining Doctor Love. Doctor Love is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot with a 4000 coin jackpot! It also has a free spin feature which can win you up to 20 free spins!

The hospital themed Doctor Love is a rapid fire slot, meaning a player can spin up a jackpot at any time. This game features nurses, doctors, dazed patients, ambulances, teddies and more. And because this is a video slot, the moving graphics and music add to the fun of winning.

Players in the Go Casino tsunami relief tournament will receive 125 starting credits and will have the option to rebuy when their credit slips below 35 credits.

The tournament is pot-percentage meaning that players are getting a great return on their money as well as helping a very worthy cause.

The tournament will run from March 23rd – March 25th. Players can join in the fun at any stage throughout that period.

So if you’re a fan a slot tournaments and would like to help a very worthy cause, then  play the tsunami relief slot tournament at Go Casino today and not only will you have a great chance to help those in need but you also have the chance to share in the great tournament prizes.

iPhone app for Online Slots

Posted on 21 Mar 2011 | Casino News

Players at online casinos can now track all their wins and losses with a new app from Apple. The app which is available on both the iPhone and iPad will track all of your wins and losses across a number of online slot games and online casinos.

WinLoss, which is Valued at $8, can tell you which slots you have had success on, which have taken your money and will give you information for how you have fared for the week, month or year. The WinLoss app can even convert your online slot statistics to PDF which is perfect for tax time.

Although a little on the pricey side for an app, WinLoss has the ability to pay for itself over time. It stores information after you leave an online casino for the next time you come back. So you are able to see which slot paid you, which took most of your cash and which games you have never tried before.

Unlike many slot apps, which are just downloadable versions of free slot games similar to those found in online casinos, WinLoss simply tracks your play. It tracks things like time spent at a slot, total return, total expenditure and most importantly, a players win/loss record.

The app was designed by David Walstead, who believed that slot players should not have to scribble their records on scrap pieces of paper to keep track of how they were going. It was also designed to fill a gap in the app market as no app dedicated to tracking online casino performance had found its way onto the marketplace.

The WinLoss app is perfect for the dedicated online casino gambler. This app allows users to forget about tracking their overall position and allow them to focus on strategy and the business of winning. It can also track all your play on online slot tournaments.

Do you have the WinLoss app yet? Try it today at Go Casino and start tracking your online slot success now!

Sunday Slot Tournaments

Posted on 20 Mar 2011 | Casino Games

Sunday may be a day of rest but it is also a day for super slot tournaments with Go Casino.

Headlining the weekend madness in March will be the series of $30,000 guaranteed tournaments featuring favoured games such as ‘Big Time’ and ‘La Cucaracha’.

Join the tournament madness for your chance to share in over $475,000 in slot tournament prizes at Go Casino.

Players can also try their hand at the ‘Vegas Party’ tournaments every Sunday. With a buy-in of just $3.99, players have the chance to share in guaranteed prize pool of $2500 every Sunday. Not a bad way to spend your day of rest.

Players can also take advantage of the Bonus buck weekend offer.  Go Casino will run a series of tournaments every Sunday in March with a buy in of just $0.99 and a guaranteed prize pool of $2500. The beauty about these tournaments is you can re-buy for $0.99 as well. The re-buy tournaments will feature such slot classics as ‘Dynasty’, ‘Dr. Love’, ‘Eastern Dragon’ and ‘Black Magic’.

Play the super Sunday tournaments at Go Casino now.

As if that wasn’t enough Go Casino are also running a number of Red Eye pot percentage tournaments for those awake in the early of Sunday mornings. These tournaments will be played on the outrageous ‘Dennis Rodman’ game with the winner receiving an extra $99!

Another Sunday feature at Go Casino are the Beat the Bank pot percentage tournaments. With an entry fee of just $2.50, these tournaments guarantee the top 41 a payout!

There are also a number of video poker and blackjack tournaments available every Sunday.

So you could spend Sunday sleeping in, or you could spend it cashing in with the amazing tournament options at Go Casino, the only online casino that will give you a deposit bonus on your first 20 deposits!

Top Ten Reasons to Use Online Casino’s.

You may be weighing up whether or not to join an online casino. And while it is true that it doesn’t matter how you add up an ace and jack, it’s still blackjack, there are a number of factors you should consider before parting with your hard earned. We’ve come up with the top ten reasons why you should join an online casino today!

10. You can play at your own pace. Go hard. Go slow, or even play for free. It’s your choice in the online environment, and best of all there won’t be some stranger peering over your shoulder to monitor your progress.

9. There is no dress code. Casino doormen seem to think they are the doyens of what passes for suitable fashion. You can play online in your pyjamas if you like.

8. You can put your winnings straight back in the bank. No parking, no tipping valets. Your winnings stay your winnings.

7. You have choice. Unless you live in Las Vegas, odds are you only have one casino in your vicinity.

6. You don’t have to find a car park.

5. No waiting for an attendant. You strike it big on a slot machine. But then have to wait for a person to bring your money. That’s a thing of the past in online casinos.

4. Dealers that never make mistakes. There is always at least one trainee dealer who won’t know to pay 3/2 on blackjack.

3. No drunks. It seems every second table has at least one person who has more empty glasses beside them than chips in front of them.

2. No waiting for a game. There is nothing worse than walking into a casino only to find yourself walking around for two hours looking for a table.

1. The Bonuses! If you hand over $100 at a casino you get $100 in chips. Spend $100 at an online casino and the possibilities are endless. With Go Casino you will receive a bonus on your first 20 deposits which could net you a free $20,000!

So if you enjoy doing it your way join an online casino today. We have a range of Casino Reviews to help make the choice easier.

Sign up bonuses are great. But so often they are limited to a player’s first deposit. Imagine getting a deposit bonus on your first 20 deposits!

The Go Casino is giving new players a massive incentive by offering bonuses on your first 20 deposits.

Do you enjoy massive sign up bonuses? Join Go Casino now!

Players will receive a 100% bonus on their initial deposit, with every top up after the initial gaining a further 50% bonus.

And the value doesn’t stop there. Go Casino will increase the bonus back up to 100% every fifth time you make a deposit.

That gives you the amazing opportunity to receive up to $20,000 in bonuses!

And there has never been a better time to take advantage of this staggering welcome bonus then right now, because throughout the month of March, Go Casino has over 165 live slot tournaments, featuring over $475,000 in prizes.

Every Friday in March Go Casino will hold a slot tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $30,000.

On top of this players are invited to try their luck in the $25,000 ‘Luck of the Irish’ Freeroll, which kicks off on St. Patricks day.

Featuring more than 100 games and a massive deposit bonus, there has never been a better time to join Go Casino

For more information check out our Go Casino review.

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