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New players at Cherry Red have the chance to claim a massive $7,777 multi deposit bonus if they join the casino today.

The Cherry Red welcome bonus is open only to new players and will earn players a 100% deposit bonus up to $777 on their first ten deposits. That means you can earn $7,777 absolutely free.

Players need to use the bonus code 777FREE1 when making their initial deposit to receive the 100% bonus. Players will use 777FREE2 when making their second deposit and so on until you use 777FREE10 on your tenth deposit.

Players can qualify for the 100% bonus by depositing a minimum of $25 into a Cherry Red real money account via credit card, Moneyline or Moneybookers.

But the great bonus action isn’t limited to new players at Cherry Red, they also have a number of bonus options for existing players.

Blackjack players should use the bonus code BLACKCHERRY next time they make a deposit and they will receive a 200% deposit bonus up to $1200.

And as if that deal wasn’t sweet enough online slots players can claim a 400% deposit bonus up to $2400 just by using the bonus code CHERRYREELS.

It is important that if you use either of these codes that you only play only the game that code is linked to, as only the specific game will be counted as required turnover before a withdrawal can be made.

Cherry Red also have an excellent incentive to authorize your casino account. When you submit the authorization form you will receive 10% of your last five deposits in cash.

Cherry Red also offer a number of weekly and weekend bonuses so it pays to check out their website. You never know what great deals you could be missing out on.

Join Cherry Red today to share in the amazing bonuses!

Casino Holdem Strategy

Posted on 26 May 2011 | Casino Games

Casino Holdem is a popular form of casino poker that is played at most online and land casinos. Casino Holdem is an attractive option for players who enjoy the variety of poker and also the fast paced action of casino gaming.

Join Cherry Red today and start playing casino holdem.

Games such as blackjack and baccarat have been around for a long time and as such there are familiar strategies that abound for these games.  However casino holdem is quite new and as such a steadfast strategy has yet to be developed. There will never be a perfect casino holdem strategy, but there are steps you can take to make the game easier, more profitable and ultimately more enjoyable.

Play the Bonus

Playing the bonus on a casino holdem table can be very profitable. The payouts are normally higher for the bonus plus you don’t have to rely on the dealer to qualify to get your winnings.

Bet Half

This may sound like a funny strategy if you want to win but it will pay dividends in the long run. Unlike blackjack and other table games, the betting in casino holdem is not finished when the player receives their cards. You get to see your two cards, plus the first three community cards before you have the option of ‘calling’ and putting more chips in the pot. Obviously you will only fold when you have an absolutely horrible hand, and if you do fold you get of the hand at half the cost. If you call you must match your original wager. It is important to remember that there are two betting rounds in casino holdem, so don’t commit too many chips at the start.

Play casino holdem now at Cherry Red

Play Aggressive

Poker is a game of patience whereas casino poker is a game of quick thinking and fast decisions. The most common mistake players (especially those who play poker) can make at casino holdem is folding too often. Remember that you only have to beat the dealer and the dealer only has to get a low pair to qualify for the hand (this will vary but it’s normally between a pair of fours and eights). The player also has the advantage of seeing three of the dealer’s cards before they make their decision. Mathematically it is correct to fold about 18% of the time in casino holdem. Players should call after the flop if they have any of the following: any pair, any straight draw, four card flush, three card straight flush, any straight flush draw or even two over cards. If the board pairs it is normally a good idea to call, especially if you think you have higher cards than the dealer.

Follow these tips and you’ll be having more fun and more wins when playing casino holdem.

Join Cherry Red and you could receive a $7,777 multi deposit welcome bonus.

Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes at Cherry Red with the all new ‘It’s a Mystery’ slot.

It’s a Mystery is a brand new 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot that will have you unleashing all your detective abilities as you search for clues to unlock the amazing 7500 coin jackpot.

It’s a Mystery is a detective themed slot that features a max coin value of $5.00 and a maximum of 25 coins. That means you can play anything from $0.01 per spin to $125.00 per spin.

Unlock the enigmatic It’s a Mystery slot now at Cherry Red

Players on the It’s a Mystery slot will be chasing the magnifying glass as this is the scatter symbol of the game. Three of the scatter symbols will unlock the Portrait Puzzle feature, where players can win up to 50 free games and have their prizes multiplied up to six times!

The question mark is also an important feature of this new online slot. The question mark is the wild symbol on this game and it could drop in just where you need it to maximise your winnings.

Outside of these two main symbols players will be chasing the butler, the gentleman, the mansion and Sherlock Holmes. All these symbols pay well so keep your wits about you and brush up on your detective skills to find these paying symbols.

There are 41 possible win combinations on this slot, while the major jackpot is 7500 coins. There is also a secondary jackpot of 2500 coins.

Start sleuthing today on the all new It’s a Mystery slot at Cherry Red

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