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iPhone app for Online Slots

Posted on 21 Mar 2011 | Casino News

Players at online casinos can now track all their wins and losses with a new app from Apple. The app which is available on both the iPhone and iPad will track all of your wins and losses across a number of online slot games and online casinos.

WinLoss, which is Valued at $8, can tell you which slots you have had success on, which have taken your money and will give you information for how you have fared for the week, month or year. The WinLoss app can even convert your online slot statistics to PDF which is perfect for tax time.

Although a little on the pricey side for an app, WinLoss has the ability to pay for itself over time. It stores information after you leave an online casino for the next time you come back. So you are able to see which slot paid you, which took most of your cash and which games you have never tried before.

Unlike many slot apps, which are just downloadable versions of free slot games similar to those found in online casinos, WinLoss simply tracks your play. It tracks things like time spent at a slot, total return, total expenditure and most importantly, a players win/loss record.

The app was designed by David Walstead, who believed that slot players should not have to scribble their records on scrap pieces of paper to keep track of how they were going. It was also designed to fill a gap in the app market as no app dedicated to tracking online casino performance had found its way onto the marketplace.

The WinLoss app is perfect for the dedicated online casino gambler. This app allows users to forget about tracking their overall position and allow them to focus on strategy and the business of winning. It can also track all your play on online slot tournaments.

Do you have the WinLoss app yet? Try it today at Go Casino and start tracking your online slot success now!

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