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Blackjack or Baccarat?

Posted on 2 Jun 2011 | Casino Games

Are you better off playing blackjack or baccarat? Both are games with high class reputations, but which is kinder to your bankroll? Read on as we take a look at the advantages of both these games.

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First of all, let’s take a look at game difficulty. Everyone knows how to play blackjack, but few can play well. On the other hand, practically everyone assumes baccarat is more difficult than it is, yet anyone can play like a champ. In blackjack you need to make the correct choices consistently and many players enjoy that challenge. Baccarat has one optimal choice – bet on the Banker position. If you want to feel classy but could do without the tension headache, we think baccarat is the way to go.

Next, let’s compare the games on house edge. The blackjack house edge depends on a lot of things – what you do, what rule variant the house is using, etc. It can be less than 1%, or it can be upwards of 5% for the beginner. The Banker bet in baccarat, with a 5% commission charged, is just 1.06%. Yes, a master blackjack player wins out, but are you willing to put in that effort?

Finally, we’ll consider hand speed. To be honest, a lot of this comes down to how long you take with your decisions in blackjack. Regardless, even if you make every decision instantly, blackjack takes longer per hand at most online casinos. This means that baccarat is a better choice for players who like fast action.

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Go Casino have positioned themselves as a market leader in online casino game tournaments, and that tradition continues this month with 13 blackjack tournaments taking place throughout the month of May.

Entry into all the Go Casino blackjack tournaments this month is just $0.99. For this players will receive 50 tournament credits.

The blackjack tournaments are played on a ‘pot percentage’ basis with the total prize pool to be split between the top 41 players.

Re-buys for all the blackjack tournaments during the month of May will be $2.49, with players receiving another 50 credits when they re-buy.

Remember to plan your re-buys as this will ultimately dictate the strategy that you use.

If you make provisions to re-buy at least a couple of times it may an idea to play hard early and hope that you can establish yourself on the leaderboard.

However if you are not going to re-buy it will pay to play conservative at first in an attempt to slowly build a bank.

The biggest mistake tournament players make is that they end up re-buying too many times in attempt to ‘beat the game’

If you apply disciplined tactics to your re-buying strategy you will be much more successful in tournament play.

A new blackjack tournament will begin every 2-3 days in May with each lasting 24 hours.

The blackjack tournaments at Go Casino will alternate between Perfect Pairs Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Players are reminded that Go Casino is the home of online casino tournaments.

If blackjack isn’t your thing then try the exciting online slots and video poker tournaments now.

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Let’s face it we would all cheat at the casino if there were no way of being caught. That’s what counting cards is all about. Well now there is a game that has made cheating legal. That game is Blackjack Switch.

Blackjack Switch follows most of the same rules as regular blackjack. The player must still get close to 21 without going over and must still beat the dealer. What’s more the dealer will also hit on soft 17. But here’s where it gets different. In Blackjack Switch a player will always play two hands. The hand starts the same as any other blackjack hand in that the dealer will deal to both of your boxes and ask whether you want to hit, stand, double or split. However in Blackjack Switch there is another option and that is to switch.

Normally if you started messing about with the cards on the table you would find yourself in a spot of bother. But messing with the cards on the table is the focal point of Blackjack Switch.

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By selecting the switch option a player can swap the second card of each hand, creating all new totals. For example, say a player is playing two boxes at a regular blackjack table and was dealt 5+3 and 7+6. Normally this would be hands of 8 and 13, which would not place the player in a terribly strong position. However, with Blackjack Switch the player could switch the two second cards and the hand would become 5+6 and 3+7, meaning you would have 11 and 10, which is just about the perfect position. After the switch a player can hit or stand as they see fit.

Play Blackjack Switch now at

There is also a handy side-bet to be had in Blackjack Switch. Players can bet on what is called the ‘Super Match’. This is a bet that a player will receive a matching cards in the original four that they are dealt. 1 pair will pay 1/1, 2 pairs pays 8/1, 3 of a kind pays 5/1 and 4 of a kind pays 40/1. It’s like perfect pairs except you get dealt four cards to try and hit a pair!

U.S players are reminded that U.S casinos do not offer Blackjack Switch. U.S players can play the full spectrum of 21 games at Go Casino, where you could earn a $20,000 deposit bonus!

Fans of blackjack tournaments will be flocking to Grand Vegas Casino to play the multitude of tournaments scheduled for this month.

Throughout April Grand Vegas Casino will launch a new blackjack tournament every 2-3 days, with players able to play both Vegas Strip and Perfect Pairs throughout the month.

Entry into all tournaments at Grand Vegas is just $0.99 and for this players will receive 50 tournament chips. Players can also re-buy into the tournament for $2.49.

Players should set themselves a limit on how many times they plan on re-buying, and this should guide their strategy.

If you plan to re-buy a couple of time then it might be an idea to bet big early to establish yourself on the leaderboard early. On the other hand if you are not planning on re-buying at all then you should set a steady pace early on and incrementally increase your wagers as the tournament progresses.

Players in the perfect pairs tournaments are reminded to play perfect pairs in all hands, even if it means decreasing your wager on the hand. Players lucky enough to land just one perfect pair will set themselves up for a profitable tournament.

All blackjack tournaments at Grand Vegas Casino are ‘Pot Percentage’ tournaments, meaning that the total prize pool including re-buys, is re-distributed to winning players.

In all tournaments this month the top 41 players will earn a prize with 15% of the total pool going to the winner, whilst second will pocket 10% of the prize pool.

Grand Vegas Casino blackjack tournaments will kick off every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout April with each tournament lasting 24 hours.

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