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Legal Cheating with Blackjack Switch

Posted on 15 Apr 2011 by bwright | Casino Games

Let’s face it we would all cheat at the casino if there were no way of being caught. That’s what counting cards is all about. Well now there is a game that has made cheating legal. That game is Blackjack Switch.

Blackjack Switch follows most of the same rules as regular blackjack. The player must still get close to 21 without going over and must still beat the dealer. What’s more the dealer will also hit on soft 17. But here’s where it gets different. In Blackjack Switch a player will always play two hands. The hand starts the same as any other blackjack hand in that the dealer will deal to both of your boxes and ask whether you want to hit, stand, double or split. However in Blackjack Switch there is another option and that is to switch.

Normally if you started messing about with the cards on the table you would find yourself in a spot of bother. But messing with the cards on the table is the focal point of Blackjack Switch.

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By selecting the switch option a player can swap the second card of each hand, creating all new totals. For example, say a player is playing two boxes at a regular blackjack table and was dealt 5+3 and 7+6. Normally this would be hands of 8 and 13, which would not place the player in a terribly strong position. However, with Blackjack Switch the player could switch the two second cards and the hand would become 5+6 and 3+7, meaning you would have 11 and 10, which is just about the perfect position. After the switch a player can hit or stand as they see fit.

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There is also a handy side-bet to be had in Blackjack Switch. Players can bet on what is called the ‘Super Match’. This is a bet that a player will receive a matching cards in the original four that they are dealt. 1 pair will pay 1/1, 2 pairs pays 8/1, 3 of a kind pays 5/1 and 4 of a kind pays 40/1. It’s like perfect pairs except you get dealt four cards to try and hit a pair!

U.S players are reminded that U.S casinos do not offer Blackjack Switch. U.S players can play the full spectrum of 21 games at Go Casino, where you could earn a $20,000 deposit bonus!

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