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Fans of video poker should check out Go Casino for the latest in video poker tournaments.

From 12-13 May, Go Casino will be running a $1.99 video poker tournament, with a guaranteed prize pool of $2,500.

The tournament will take place on the popular video poker game Deuces Wild.

Players will receive $100 in tournament credit and will be able to re-buy an unlimited number of times if they are eliminated. Re-buying players will receive another $100 in tournament credit.

The maximum bet on Deuces Wild at Go Casino is $50, so players wishing to go hard from the start will get a minimum of two max spins on the popular video poker game.

What’s more, the top 500 players in the tournament earn a prize, with the winner taking home $350.00.

Players should have a firm strategy in mind before playing in any casino tournament and this is especially true with video poker.

The first thing a player should know is how many times they will be looking to re-buy.

With the top prize in this tournament being $350, a player should probably spend no more than $10.00 in re-buys on this tournament. The more times that you re-buy, the smaller the return on your original investment.

And players should also be aware, that unlike other forms of video poker where you can win a hand with a pair, the minimum winning hand on Deuces Wild is three of a kind, so gear yourself to making those sought of hands.

Also, in video poker tournaments, players should aim high, as big hands such as royal flushes and four of a kinds will shoot you towards the top of the leaderboard.

Players are reminded to frequently check the leaderboard, especially towards the end of the tournament.

It is important that you understand what sought of position you are in come the end of the tournament. Do you need to make up quick ground, or do you need to play it safe to maintain a position at the top of the leaderboard.

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Go Casino have positioned themselves as a market leader in online casino game tournaments, and that tradition continues this month with 13 blackjack tournaments taking place throughout the month of May.

Entry into all the Go Casino blackjack tournaments this month is just $0.99. For this players will receive 50 tournament credits.

The blackjack tournaments are played on a ‘pot percentage’ basis with the total prize pool to be split between the top 41 players.

Re-buys for all the blackjack tournaments during the month of May will be $2.49, with players receiving another 50 credits when they re-buy.

Remember to plan your re-buys as this will ultimately dictate the strategy that you use.

If you make provisions to re-buy at least a couple of times it may an idea to play hard early and hope that you can establish yourself on the leaderboard.

However if you are not going to re-buy it will pay to play conservative at first in an attempt to slowly build a bank.

The biggest mistake tournament players make is that they end up re-buying too many times in attempt to ‘beat the game’

If you apply disciplined tactics to your re-buying strategy you will be much more successful in tournament play.

A new blackjack tournament will begin every 2-3 days in May with each lasting 24 hours.

The blackjack tournaments at Go Casino will alternate between Perfect Pairs Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Players are reminded that Go Casino is the home of online casino tournaments.

If blackjack isn’t your thing then try the exciting online slots and video poker tournaments now.

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Those who enjoy tournament play are in for a treat at Crazy Slots this month.

While games such as blackjack and slots have a wide variety of tournaments available, video poker is not a game that is usually associated with tournament play. However this month Crazy Slots are giving you the chance to play your favourite video poker games in tournament format.

The video poker tournaments at Crazy Slots are played on different variants of video poker but the tournament structure remains the same across all tournaments. ‘

The entry fee is fixed to $1.98, and this will buy players an initial starting stack of $100 (in tournament chips). Moreover, players are given the opportunity to rebuy for $1.98 as well. And when players rebuy they get a stack of $174 (in tournament chips). And players can rebuy as many times as they like. However players must be warned that the prize pool for video poker tournaments is fixed at $2400. This could turn out to be great value if a tourney is low on players. however avoid rebuying too many times in tourneys with large numbers.

Tournaments will tend to last for 24 hours, with the player who has the highest amount of tournament chips left at that stage declared the winner. Also, the video poker tournaments at Crazy Slots will be played on selected Mega Multi Hand video poker games. Mega Multi Hand video poker games allow the player to select from 10,40 or 100 hands. This helps create an exciting game perfect for tournament play.

Video poker tournaments at Crazy Slots are played on a number of different video poker formats, so players are advised to check out the game first before entering a tournament on it.

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Sunday Slot Tournaments

Posted on 20 Mar 2011 | Casino Games

Sunday may be a day of rest but it is also a day for super slot tournaments with Go Casino.

Headlining the weekend madness in March will be the series of $30,000 guaranteed tournaments featuring favoured games such as ‘Big Time’ and ‘La Cucaracha’.

Join the tournament madness for your chance to share in over $475,000 in slot tournament prizes at Go Casino.

Players can also try their hand at the ‘Vegas Party’ tournaments every Sunday. With a buy-in of just $3.99, players have the chance to share in guaranteed prize pool of $2500 every Sunday. Not a bad way to spend your day of rest.

Players can also take advantage of the Bonus buck weekend offer.  Go Casino will run a series of tournaments every Sunday in March with a buy in of just $0.99 and a guaranteed prize pool of $2500. The beauty about these tournaments is you can re-buy for $0.99 as well. The re-buy tournaments will feature such slot classics as ‘Dynasty’, ‘Dr. Love’, ‘Eastern Dragon’ and ‘Black Magic’.

Play the super Sunday tournaments at Go Casino now.

As if that wasn’t enough Go Casino are also running a number of Red Eye pot percentage tournaments for those awake in the early of Sunday mornings. These tournaments will be played on the outrageous ‘Dennis Rodman’ game with the winner receiving an extra $99!

Another Sunday feature at Go Casino are the Beat the Bank pot percentage tournaments. With an entry fee of just $2.50, these tournaments guarantee the top 41 a payout!

There are also a number of video poker and blackjack tournaments available every Sunday.

So you could spend Sunday sleeping in, or you could spend it cashing in with the amazing tournament options at Go Casino, the only online casino that will give you a deposit bonus on your first 20 deposits! is the place to be in November if you love Video Slot, Blackjack & Video Poker tournament play.

They have over $550,000 in guaranteed prize money for November which is simply amazing.

There is over 1400 tournaments to choose from including various video slots, blackjack games and video pokers.

Some tournaments to highlight are:

  • $500 Bonus Buck Free run every week night
  • $2500 Bonus Buck Weekend freeroll every Saturday & Sunday
  • $1500 Frugal Friday ($1.99 special entry fee)
  • Sunday’s Beat the Bank Slot tournament. Top 41 paid
  • Monday to Thursday have the $8888 guaranteed slots tournament
  • $2500 guaranteed bonus bucks video poker tournament (every Tue,Thur, Sat & Sun)
  • Blackjack 9c Entry tournament (every Mon, Wed, Fri)

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