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Are Multiple Hands Worth It?

Posted on 10 Jun 2011 by bwright | Casino Games

When playing blackjack, many players opt to play multi-hand, and online players tend to do this a lot more often. Is this to your benefit, though?

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Playing multiple hands at once has one big advantage – speed. You will play significantly more hands per hour when there is less time spent on each individual hand. This is about the only advantage that multi hand blackjack offers, though, and it may not be enough for every player.

What about the disadvantages? Well, an unlucky streak can hit much harder when playing so many hands and may lead you to make strategic mistakes. Also, it can be very annoying to have 5 hands coming up against a dealer blackjack. It doesn’t matter that the dealer busted out on all 5 hands just minutes ago – it is the dealer blackjack that you will remember.

All in all, we think that multi hand blackjack is a great idea when you are trying to grind reward points in a short period of time, but not for general play. Many casino promotions and competitions are based on earning the most reward points, and in such situations a multi hand game can give you a significant advantage over a player being dealt one hand at a time.

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