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Vegas In Your Home

Posted on 21 Jun 2011 by bwright | Casino Games

Some people complain that an online casino just isn’t quite like the real thing, but we have some tips to get you as close to the Vegas experience as possible.

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First of all, if you miss the experience of having a human dealer, you’ll be please to learn that many casinos offer live dealer games. You are connected to a real casino where you can watch the action via webcam and have your bets confirmed by an actual dealer. It costs a little more than regular online gambling, but you get a more personal experience in return.

Another way to make the experience feel more like a live casino is to choose aesthetically well-designed software. Sure, you can get by on older casino software, but the better the color scheme and game graphics, the classier the experience will feel. A general rule is that darker colors for the main site will mean a more tasteful color scheme for the software.

Lastly, we think you should stick to casinos that include different chip denominations as part of the graphics for their table games. It feels fake when you are just dealing with the numbers, so chips that are placed onto the correct parts of the playing can really make a different to how realistic your experience feels.

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