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Best Craps Bets

Posted on 1 Jun 2011 | Casino Games

Not all craps bets are made alike – some are very good and others you want to avoid like the plague. Read on to learn about the best craps bets in terms of house edge and payout.

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Pass Line Bet/Don’t Pass Bet

The Pass Line bet and Don’t Pass bet are the foundation bets in craps. Standard craps wisdom says to bet on the Pass Line with its low house edge of just 1.40%. However, the Don’t Pass bet is actually the better play, as it has a 1.36% house edge, slightly lower than the Pass Line. While you’ll get dirty looks for playing Don’t Pass in a live casino, no one is the wiser when you play online.

Odds Bets

Whether you are backing or laying the odds, this is one of the best bets in the casino. While you need to make a slightly sub-optimal Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet to play the odds, you actually get a true payout on this bet. There is no house edge, so you always want make an odds bet once a point has been established.

Big 6/8

These are terrible bets to make, and placing or buying the 6 or 8 is a much better option. Only suckers play Big 6 or Big 8, and the casino appreciates the oversight with a hefty 9.09% house edge compared to the 1.52% you can get for a Place 6/8 bet or 4.76% for a Buy 6/8 bet.

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