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Top Blackjack Variants

Posted on 6 Jun 2011 | Casino Games

While millions of gamblers do just fine with standard blackjack, variety is the spice of life and there are plenty of blackjack variants to consider.

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Blackjack switch is a very interesting variant that almost seems too good to be true. In this game, you are dealt two blackjack hands, and you can immediately choose the swap the first card dealt to each hand. This means that an Ace/5 and a 6/Jack can be swapped into an 11 and a 21! Slight rule variants mean that the house edge is higher, and you will mostly need to win on both hands to win overall, but this game can be an exciting change from time to time.

Double exposure blackjack is another surprising variant where both dealer cards are dealt face-up. You always know what the dealer has, which is a significant advantage. Other rule changes make up for the advantage, such as even money blackjack payouts and player bets are lost on ties with the dealer. Nevertheless, this can be a fun game for players who get too frustrated by the dealer hole card.

Pontoon is an English blackjack game that is very similar to standard blackjack. However, one major difference is the 5 Card Charlie – when you draw a hand of 5 cards that doesn’t bust, you win on that hand. Sometimes this can be extended to a 6 Card or 7 Card Charlie, at which point we don’t recommend playing at that casino.

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